Poetic Musings #12: Failure and The People Who Will Always Have Your Back

Photo by Jack Taylor On Unsplash

Today’s poem is about fear. Right now, my fear of failure is making an appearance. I did pretty crappy on my Math 420 exam. And everyone did crappy, we had a failing average, but it’s getting to me. I’m stressed out.

The class is suddenly blowing by, and I didn’t process anything the prof said today about Fubini-Tonelli, and what if on the next exam, I look at the paper and just panic like I did on my last exam? What if I fail? What if I just can’t do it?

But after meditating today, I realized something. I realized that if I fail, all of the wonderful, beautiful people in my life will still be there for me. I pictured them-all of the quirks that make them who they are-and I heard them say, “we’re still here.”

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