Pickle Jar Wisdom #18: Show Up For Yourself

Photo by Jeff Trierweiler on Unsplash

This blog started with a pickle jar-for real it did! Click here to read more, or head on down for today’s mirco post.

Self-love is multidimensional. It’s important to tell yourself that you love yourself. And I do this-all the time. But it’s also important to behave in ways that communicate that you love yourself, that you’re worth it, and that you view yourself as a high priority. I have to remind myself of this a lot. Because sometimes, I find myself saying, “I love myself” over and over with it not quite sticking. It’s then that I ask myself, “What am I saying to myself through my behaviors?”

I’ll be honest with you, my self-care is not entirely where I want it to be right now. Sometimes I skip out on going for a walk, I forget to read just for fun, or I choose to mindlessly scroll through some app instead of feeling my feelings.

My body then picks up on these cues, and naturally feels a bit sad, helpless, and neglected. It thinks, “I’m not worth going for a walk every day” or “My feelings are so scary, I need to distract myself from them.”

Don’t worry about me, I’ll figure it out 😉 It’s no easy fix and I’ll be starting with some small, attainable goals to kick my self-care butt back into gear. But I hope this was some food for thought-What do your behaviors communicate to yourself?

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