Pickle Jar Wisdom #15: It’s Okay to Feel Tough Emotions

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell On Unsplash

This blog started with a pickle jar-for real it did! Click here to read more, or head on down for today’s mirco post.

It’s okay to feel tough emotions. It is not your job to dispel them. They are not a problem, and they are not a burden to others. Your emotions are your right to feel. They are truth and humanity bound as one, that is, you are a feeling being-you cannot fight that.

One day, it will pass. It feels uncomfortable and scary right now, but this is part of the process (as cliché as that sounds). This is part of being alive.

Maybe there’s beauty in it too. You’re angry because deep down you know your own worth. You grieve because it mattered. It’s hard, but this is how we learn the truth. And the truth, my dear, is that you deserve everything good this universe has to offer.

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