Pickle Jar Wisdom #14: My Dear, You’re Only Human

Photo by Balu Gáspár On Unsplash

This blog started with a pickle jar-for real it did! Click here to read more, or head on down for today’s mirco post.

My dear, you’re only human. You will make so many mistakes, uncountably many. Be kind. If you are numb, something deep down must really hurt. If you are struggling to be present, remember, so are most everyone else.

You are doing the best you can. I will never ask anything more than one step-no matter how small-in the right direction.

Maybe you should focus a little more on what you’re doing well. Multiple times this week, you got out of bed when it felt physically painful. You said: “I will be brave, I will face the uncertainty, and I will hope that all that is good will find me.” Every day, you put faith and trust in yourself. Hundreds of times a day you make decisions with intent, kindness, and awareness.

And above all, you make it a priority to share love-what a beautiful thing.

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