I Sent This to My Girlfriend: Funny, Epic GIF Battle

I Need a Break This Week, So Please Enjoy This Epic GIF Battle

Hello, everyone 😊 Today’s post is going to be short and funny. I’m feeling those mid-semester vibes and I need a bit of break to regroup and focus on my own self-care. I’ve got lots of great stuff planned for this blog, it’s still very much a priority of mine, and I’m fully committed to sharing positivity and self-love with you. In fact, I have two really exciting interviews lined up for the following Cornerstone posts!

  1. Keep your cursor on the far right of the screen as you scroll, because if you hover directly over the GIFs it will totally mess up your view. And trust me guys, you want to witness this GIF battle in its full glory.

The GIF Battle Begins

The Next Morning:

Hope You Enjoyed!

Well, I hope you had a good laugh. I almost peed myself laughing before I sent that last one. Do you ever doubt whether a joke will land but you just know you have to take the risk? I’m pretty sure that’s how Brené Brown defines vulnerability. For real though, I adore Brené Brown, and she actually describes vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.”

Here’s Brené Brown because I Feel Bad, and I Need More Content In This Post!!!

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