I wasn’t feeling that great today. Actually, I haven’t been for a while. Which I’m okay with.

I sometimes forget that it’s okay to feel all sorts of intense, not-so-fun emotions. What’s more important is how we cope with these emotions and move through them. And it might take a while, and that’s okay too.

But I can proudly say that I’m working on my self-care. Each day I add a new small goal. So far we’re at: eating a healthy breakfast, exercising in the morning, eating at least 3 servings of vegetables each day, using my positivity jar, meditating…

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This blog started with a pickle jar-for real it did! Click here to read more, or head on down for today’s mirco post.

Self-love is multidimensional. It’s important to tell yourself that you love yourself. And I do this-all the time. But it’s also important to behave in ways that communicate that you love yourself, that you’re worth it, and that you view yourself as a high priority. I have to remind myself of this a lot. Because sometimes, I find myself saying, “I love myself” over and over with it not quite sticking.

I’m not entirely sure what this poem is about. Just putting that out there. Anyway, hope everyone’s doing well. I am just on the brink of final exams, and I am trying to learn a solid chunk of measure theory and Lebesgue integration theory by Thursday.

But I am also still taking care of myself 🙌 I went for a run yesterday, kickboxed, and I’m still meditating, using my positivity jar, reaching out to friends, reading, and trying my best to manage my screen habits 😅

How did you take care of yourself today? Not to put you on the spot or anything…but I’m totally putting you on the spot 😉

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This blog started with a pickle jar-for real it did! Click here to read more, or head on down for today’s mirco post.

Message to self: I’ll always love you. Sometimes that will mean kind words and gentle embraces. If you need someone to say: “It’s okay” -I’ll be there. But sometimes love will mean sitting with emotions you really don’t want to sit with. We’ll do that together too. Sometimes love will mean stepping out of your comfort zone, and working-messily and uncertainly-towards the life you want.

And sometimes, love will mean gently unraveling yourself from that cocoon of…

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For the full audio version of the interview with music excerpts, head on over to my blog!

This week, I interviewed four teenagers who are way cooler than me! Jokes aside, I’m really excited to introduce you to The Sprouts: a band making waves in the local Vancouver music scene. The winners of Said the Whale’s 2020 Young Artist grant, with 6 gigs under their belt (including opening for Babe Corner), three singles on Spotify, and an impressive Instagram following, The Sprouts sat down with me (over Zoom) to talk vulnerability, friendship, and the ups and downs of making music.

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This blog started with a pickle jar-for real it did! Click here to read more, or head on down for today’s mirco post.

My dear, you do great things. You wake up, you breathe, and you continue. On the days when you think you are just getting by, you are surviving. That is incredible.

When you hurt badly, I am proud of you for feeling. When you show yourself kindness, I am proud of you for choosing the road less traveled. When you wonder, “what on Earth will happen to me?” …

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I don’t know what to say. But I would like to say something. Adopted hideaway means that life hurts, and I don’t hide from that fact. I try to embrace my pain. I write stories about my pain, I take ownership of it, I create art out of it, I cope, I persevere, and I survive.

Amateur dream-catcher. This means I dream big. I dream of love, safety, and security. And every day I work to make those dreams a reality. This means loving myself fully and finding my tribe.

Finally, I am a mother of tears, which means that…

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This blog started with a pickle jar-for real it did! Click here to read more, or head on down for today’s mirco post.

It’s okay to feel tough emotions. It is not your job to dispel them. They are not a problem, and they are not a burden to others. Your emotions are your right to feel. They are truth and humanity bound as one, that is, you are a feeling being-you cannot fight that.

One day, it will pass. It feels uncomfortable and scary right now, but this is part of the process (as cliché as that sounds). …

I Need a Break This Week, So Please Enjoy This Epic GIF Battle

Hello, everyone 😊 Today’s post is going to be short and funny. I’m feeling those mid-semester vibes and I need a bit of break to regroup and focus on my own self-care. I’ve got lots of great stuff planned for this blog, it’s still very much a priority of mine, and I’m fully committed to sharing positivity and self-love with you. In fact, I have two really exciting interviews lined up for the following Cornerstone posts!

But yes, I need the extra time to kick my healthy habits back into gear, make sure I’m meditating every day, getting out for…

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Today’s poem is about fear. Right now, my fear of failure is making an appearance. I did pretty crappy on my Math 420 exam. And everyone did crappy, we had a failing average, but it’s getting to me. I’m stressed out.

The class is suddenly blowing by, and I didn’t process anything the prof said today about Fubini-Tonelli, and what if on the next exam, I look at the paper and just panic like I did on my last exam? What if I fail? What if I just can’t do it?

But after meditating today, I realized something. I realized…

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Recovering from a brain injury and trying to make the world a better place. Passionate about self-love.

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